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-Powerfully connect with Jesus
-Be at rest in your identity
-Confidently minister to others

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Be a part of a dynamic and interactive learning environment

You’ll spend at least as much time experiencing kingdom principles as you will hearing about them. Designed for believers ages ten and up, this school will ingrain in you how to connect with the Lord, receive and share His love, heal the sick, prophesy, share the gospel, transform the world around you, and much more!

Using Zoom, we pair people up into small groups and groups of two to activate every principle.

The Kingdom Culture School of Ministry is an intensive, activation-based, ministry school experience designed to root individuals in their identity, ground them in Kingdom mindsets, and equip them to confidently live a supernatural lifestyle.

School Information


First Time Students (1.0): $300
International Students:
Adjustable based on local economy. Click  HERE for more information.

Returning Students:
2.0 – $150 (or those doing 1.0 over again)
3.0  – No charge at this time, but students will be asked to volunteer more within the school

Family Discount:
One family member can come for free with each paying registration. Each person still needs to apply on their own and list the other. Use Code FAMILY – each one must list this code as well.

Scholarships: Partial scholarships are available on a case-by-case basis.  Please apply and then email us about your situation for consideration.


Attend live classes online just like you would a physical school. Sessions are interactive, so attendance is important.

Join each class through a stable internet connection using Zoom. Video is strongly preferred, but US students may also call in. Your internet band width/audio quality must be able to support participation in groups and activations.

Have one screen per student. This is important for your activation times. Exceptions are made for minor children if parents would prefer to have them share a screen with a family member. 

You will be accessing your lessons on our school platform which includes a complete online copy of the Kingdom Culture School of Ministry Core book. If you would like to have your own copy you can purchase it HERE.


Attend all classes and fully participate in all activations. 

Do not miss any more than 3 classes (missing 20 minutes of class counts as an absence).

Watch the videos of any classes missed and complete all covered material (including doing the activations with a partner).

Maintain a lifestyle consistent with the values of KCSM.


Week 1 Introduction/Identity 
Week 2 Identity/Kingdom Mindsets
Week 3 Kingdom Mindsets 
Week 4 Kingdom Mindsets 
Week 5 Bible 
Week 6 Foundational Principles 
Week 7 Personal Health
Week 8 Outreach 
Week 9 Spiritual Gifts
Week 10 Physical Healing/Prophecy
Week 11 Prophecy/Kingdom Creativity
Week 12 Kingdom Creativity/Societal Transformation 
Week 13 Societal Transformation 
Week 14 Societal Transformation/ Graduation


Broken leg healed!

Doctors told nine-year-old Sephi that she had a broken knee cap. For several weeks she had been using crutches, wearing a leg brace and was in regular pain. During one of our sessions Jesus told her, “I’m healing your knee.” As Sephi puts it, “It got all buzzy and warm.” No one even prayed for her and, by the end of the night, she was sprinting around the church!

More Student Testimonials

I feel closer to God and more confident that I am hearing Him. I also feel more patience with my brothers when they are being intentionally obnoxious.

Adoniah, Age 12


I felt like this class is a magnifying glass helping me to see deeper into my life in many areas



After learning more about the Kingdom Mindsets, I realized that my thinking part of my life totally changed and certain strongholds, like depression were removed



Three tiers of advancement

Kingdom Culture is a lifestyle. Our live-taught online school gives you the opportunity to get immersed in this material in the context of a connected community. Students have the opportunity to go through the class multiple times in order to grow deeper in their walk with Jesus and increase their servant leadership opportunities.

1.0 Students

1.0 students get introduced to Kingdom Culture as they dive deeper into the identity of who God is and how amazing they are as His kids. This is like getting invited into a really fun party where you know you are safe and loved to the point that you will risk trying things in the kingdom you have never experienced before.

2.0 Students

2.0 students grow in greater levels of outreach and confidence in ministry. They will pour into 1.0 students and facilitate small groups. This is like learning how to throw a really great kingdom party for others. In addition to the regularly scheduled weekly meetings, 2.0’s will meet at 5:45pm before class starts.

Pre-requisite: Must graduate 1.0

3.0 students

3.0 students focus on establishing kingdom culture as a lifestyle and get hands on experience in sharing the material with others. They have opportunities to pour into 2.0 students and gain skills in coaching others on their journey. This will especially help students feel prepared to facilitate kingdom culture groups and schools. 3.0’s will have meetings twice a month in addition to the weekly classes.

Pre-requisite: Must graduate 2.0

Join us! It is life changing!