The next Kingdom Culture School will be September, 2021. Check back later for final dates and registration information.

Powerfully connect with Jesus 

Be at rest in your identity

Confidently minister to others

A 14-week live-taught, interactive, online ministry school

Be a part of a dynamic, interactive learning environment where you’ll spend at least as much time experiencing kingdom principles as you will hearing about them. 

The Kingdom Culture School of Ministry is a biblically grounded, activation based, learning experience designed to root you in your identity, ground you in Kingdom mindsets, and equip you to confidently live a kingdom lifestyle. Designed for believers ages ten and up, this school will engrain in you how to connect with the Lord, receive and share His love, heal the sick, prophesy, share the gospel, transform the world around you, and much more!

Using Zoom we have the ability to pair people up into small groups and groups of two to activate every principle.

About the Author and Teacher

Kristen D’Arpa is a Bible-based, kingdom teacher, preacher, equipper, and prophetic voice, whose heart is to empower and activate the global body of Christ in all areas of kingdom living. Kristen graduated from Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and also from the Iris Harvest School of Missions. Kristen has her undergraduate degree in Cross-Cultural Missions & Third World Studies from Bethel University.  She is the founder of i Go Glocal, a mission-minded resource and equipping organization and is the author of seven books. When not enjoying nature in her home state of Minnesota, Kristen travels teaching Kingdom Culture and doing miracle crusades around the world.

Kingdom Culture School of Ministry has been taught in over twenty nations and is currently being translated into its eighth language.

School Finances

  • Indvidual: $300
  • Married Couple: $500
  • Family: $550 (two adults and children, living in the same household)
  • Group Rate (10 or more, rate per person): $250
  • International Students: Click HERE for more information
  • Partial scholarships are available on a case by case basis.  Please apply and then email us about  your situation for consideration.

All rates include the cost of the $35 Kingdom Culture Core book which students will order and pay for themselves off amazon HERE. Each student must have their own book (no photocopying, please) and have purchased it after 9/1/20 for the most updated version.

*Payment plans are available on a case by case basis. Apply and then contact us at for more information.

Students are responsible to purchase their own Kingdom Culture Core book on Amazon HERE .

Student Requirements

  • Attend live classes online just like you would a physical school. Sessions are interactive, so attendance is important. Students should not miss any more than 3 out of the 14 class sessions. Missing more than 20 minutes of any class is also counted as an absence.
  • Join each class through a stable internet connection using Zoom. Video is strongly preferred, but US students may also call in. Your internet band width/audio quality must be able to support participation in groups and activations.
  • Have one screen per student. This is important for your activation times. Exceptions are made for minor children if parents would prefer to have them share a screen with a family member.
  • Expect to spend about 15-20 minutes per day doing 2 lessons on your own.
  • Participate in our online private Facebook community.
  • Purchase an updated copy of the Kingdom Culture Core book on Amazon HERE

Graduation Requirements

  • Attend all classes and fully participate in all activations.
  • Do not miss any more than 3 classes (missing 20 minutes of class counts as an absence).
  • Watch the videos of any classes missed and complete all covered material (including doing the activations with a partner).
  • Do two Kingdom Culture lessons each day on your own.
  • Maintain a lifestyle consistent with the values of KCSM.

School Schedule

Week 1 Introduction/Identity

Week 2 Identity/Kingdom Mindsets

Week 3 Kingdom Mindsets

Week 4 Kingdom Mindsets

Week 5 Bible

Week 6 Foundational Principles

Week 7 Personal Health

Week 8 Outreach

Week 9 Spiritual Gifts

Week 10: Physical Healing/Prophecy

Week 11: Prophecy/Kingdom Creativity

Week 12 Kingdom Creativity/Societal Transformation

Week 13 Societal Transformation

Week 14 Societal Transformation/ Graduation