Unstoppable Force/Fire Drop

Activation and Outreach in Minneapolis, MN
October 22nd-23rd, 2021

Join us in the heart of South Minneapolis

For our next Unstoppable Force Training October 22nd, 2021.

Then hit the streets with us on Saturday, October 23rd as we minister in the area and then throw an epic outdoor family friendly party.

Being an unstoppable force for the Kingdom of God is not about standing on a street corner handing out gospel tracts. It’s not about being loud or obnoxious, and it definitely is not about being forceful. Rather, just as the ocean is a steady source of power and life, so we can find a rhythm of connecting with others to relentlessly demonstrate the love of God—inviting them into a deeper relationship with Jesus. 

Whether you’ve been walking with the Lord for years or just got saved yesterday, you can learn to: 

-Pray for people in a way that is natural for you 

-Begin a conversation and share your testimony in 15 seconds 

-Prophesy through encouragement 

-Remember only four words to help you share the gospel 

-See God heal the sick through you 

-Journey with others for a moment or a lifetime

The principles in this book have been tried and tested in various ethnic and religious cultures in 20 different nations, and have emerged as practical and powerful ways to help anyone anywhere encounter God’s love.

Become an Unstoppable Force for the Kingdom of God. 

This outreach is in partnership with FireDrop Ministries,  DJ Benny K St. Paul’s Lutheran, and  Source MN

Become an Unstoppable Force!