One of our favorite

things about Kingdom Culture School of Ministry is the fact that we have students from so many nations of the world!

We ask that you seek God for fulfilling the cost.

We know the Lord provides for what He calls us to do.  We also want the school to be accessible to those who want to commit to it. We recognize that, in a global economy, price points in one nation cost much more or much less in other nations. We are including the chart below with comparative incomes and international cost valuations for the school.

The value of the school is $500 USD and we are offering the January 2022 school at a special rate of $300 (see school overview for details on 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 students). The price comparison below shows what the equivalent of those prices are per nation, based on an annual income average. We understand that your income may be considerably higher or lower than what is listed. Rather than viewing this as a “sale” or for what’s the best bargain you can get, please do seek the Lord for what He would have you to pay.
School tuition not only covers the cost of the school but also all language translations and other mission endeavors around the world. Please also consider this as an opportunity to invite others to invest in the kingdom by inviting them to partner with you financially for the school. However the Lord leads you, know that we are overjoyed to have you join us as part of this global family!

Next Steps 

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Payment Information

Please give the best payment you can to complete your tuition. 

If you can give more, it will help fund scholarships.  

If you lack, you might seek those who could partner with you in sowing into your tuition.  Send them the link for this page and have them write your name in the memo when they give.