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  1. Hi Kristen, we do not know each other, but we have a mutual friend, Deborah Parson who lives in Redding CA.

    I was in Bethel a few weeks ago for a conference, on this occasion I spoke with Deborah about the course you did “Kingdom Culture School of Ministry”.

    I understand that a translation of the manual exists in French? Is he available?

    Are you coming to Europe? I am a pastor in French-speaking Switzerland.

    Blessings. Marc-André Walther

  2. Sophie says:

    Hello, i know about a French version of Kingdom Culture.
    I don’t find it to buy on your web site. Could you help me ?

  3. admin says:

    Hi Sophie,

    It’s great to hear from you and I am excited that you are interested in the French translation! These books are not currently available for purchase online. If you send me your address I can let you know how much it would cost to have one printed and shipped to you. If you’d like to do that then we can do payment over PayPal and I can give you an estimated shipping time.

    Have a great day,

    – Kristen D’Arpa

  4. admin says:

    Hello and greetings to you, Marc-Andre,

    Thats so wonderful that you were able to connect with Deborah. She did a wonderful job translating my book and I’d love to get you a copy. If you let me know your address I can get back to you with how much it would cost to get the book(s) shipped to you and put in an order for you. Please forgive my delay in responding as I was sick for a few days this week.

    I’m currently praying through my itinerary for this next year. I don’t have any current plans to come to Europe but I would definitely consider it if there were some ministries that I could partner with over there. Would you be interested in hosting a Kingdom Culture School? If so, I’d love to hear a little about you and your church and what the Lord is doing there. When doing a school, ideally its best to have at least 50 participants and 3 days together to really dive into the material (especially when theres translation).

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts and seeing if I can get a book out your way.

    Much joy!

    – Kristen D’Arpa

  5. Hi Kristen-
    We have a small bible school that is also called Kingdom Culture School of Ministry. May we use your graphic for our school as well or a modified version of it. It is great!

  6. admin says:

    Hi Chris – It’s great to hear about your school and thanks for asking. However I need to keep the logo (both directly as it is an any slight modifications to it) only connected to my books and schools for the sake of branding and consistency. Blessings to you in all that you do!

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