Be a part of the blind seeing, the lame walking, the deaf hearing, and thousands coming to salvation as we send 42 people to put on city wide miracle crusades in two cities in North East Brazil July 26-August 3rd, 2019!

Every $2-3 spent on the event results in 1 person on the field, hearing the gospel. Partner with us by giving a tax deductible donation HERE

Each crusade costs  about $15,000 so we are looking for partners to join us in sowing $30,000 into these events. For more information and to see testimonies from our host organization, Global Gospel Action, click HERE.
In each city we will share the gospel openly in up to 25 public schools during the day while training city-wide volunteers in the evening. We will also distribute food baskets and do door to door ministry in a local poor community, host a children’s crusade, youth event, and regional leaders meetings, all leading up to a three night miracle crusade where we will see the lost saved, the blind see, the deaf hear, and the oppressed set free! We typically see 1,000 -2,000 children and teens saved in the public schools and 8,000-12,000 attend the weekend miracle crusade. (Check out our overview video below and photos from past years at the bottom of the page)


Watch this video to see what our team will do during a typical week of ministry. Check out our team guidelines & more information as well as  frequently asked questions from our 2019 trip.

Photos from previous years: