1. What kinds of things will we be doing in Brazil? We will share the gospel openly in up to 6 public schools each day while training city-wide volunteers in the evening. We will also distribute food baskets and minister mercy to a local poor community, host a children’s crusade, youth event, and regional leaders meetings, all leading up to a three night miracle crusade where we will see the lost saved, the blind see, the deaf hear, and the oppressed set free!

2. What happens if I decide to drop out of this trip or, in isolated cases, am not allowed to go? You are required to pay the balance of any funds that have already been spent or are already allocated on your behalf. If team fund have not been spent  the money may be used to send others on your team or go into the team general fund. Donations are NOT refundable either for yourself personally or for others who gave to send you. If we have already purchased your airline ticket you may be able to receive a voucher.

3. What happens if I do not make my payment deadlines? We set deadlines to correspond to purchases we are making for the team. If you do not make your deadlines you will be removed from the team. If you are having issues or concerns please communicate that with a team leader as far in advance as possible.

4.  I would like to go there earlier/stay there later than the group.  Can you make my reservation earlier/later than the group? We will be traveling together as a group.

5.  I live far away from the Mpls/St. Paul area.  Can I fly in and out from my city and meet you there? Yes, you can work with our travel agent to coordinate flights. If your flights cost more than the budgeted amount for our group you will need to pay the difference in airfare.

6.  Do I have to have a Passport and Visa to go to Brazil??  What do I do if I don’t have either one of them? You need a passport but not a visa. You need to apply for your passport ASAP.

7.  Is my Passport cost included in the trip cost or do I have to supply extra for that?  Your passport is something you must get on your own.

8.  What is the dress code? We have a detailed list in our manual but for an overview. For ladies in churches it is long skirts, tops with sleeves (no straps), high neckline (no cleavage), minimal makeup, and no jewelry. For guys in churches it is khaki’s, polo or dress shirts, nice shoes, and a jacket and tie if you are speaking. In schools or neighborhoods everyone can wear tennis shoes or jeans. Ladies should never wear anything that isn’t at least 2 inches below their knees.

9.  Do I have to have any vaccinations to go to Brazil??  What do you suggest? Technically the answer is, “No.” No vaccines are required. Each person has their own preference when it comes to travel medications, hepatitis vaccines, etc. If you have questions you can talk with your doctor or a travel clinic. Be advised that Brazil does have the zika virus, which can cause birth defects, so if you are planning to get pregnant be advised that there is no vaccine for zika and you may want to talk with your doctor when deciding to go or not.

10.  Are there lots of mosquitoes in Brazil?  Do I have to bring netting for nighttime?  Bug repellent? Every city is different but typically we do not encounter very many. You do not need to bring mosquito netting. Bug repellent is usually a good idea just in case.

11.  What kind of foods can I expect to eat in Brazil? We’ll eat a lot of rice and beans as well as various kinds of meat. Hot food that we feed you is safe. Ice or anything washed in the local water (like lettuce) is not safe to eat. We’ll enjoy açaí (it’s like a sorbet made from a berry) which is a bit like ice cream that you can top with fruits or sweets. Brazilians often have hotdogs or lunch meat for breakfast and we’ll usually have a variety of safe and tasty juices. We often eat at the hotel for breakfast, a buffet for lunch, and have pizza or hamburgers and açaí for a very late dinner. You can bring snacks if you like. If you have diet concerns there should be plenty of things there that you can still eat.

12.  Are my meals covered in the trip cost? Yes all meals are covered unless you want to buy snacks.

13.  Will I need any spending money for the trip? If you want to buy souvenirs then yes. We may or may not have time or good locations for shopping in the city. You would be fine to bring just a few dollars for snacks or up to a couple hundred if we have a place to buy gifts.

14. What kind of follow up happens after the crusades? We only go to cities where local pastors will host the crusade, commit volunteers to run it and also be committed to follow up afterwards. After the event is done all decision cards are given to the local pastors for follow up and discipleship.