Bless = “to cause to prosper, to make happy, to bestow blessings on, favored of God, blessed”“Whatever city you enter . . . heal the sick there, and say to them, ‘The kingdom of God has come near to you.’” – Luke 10:8a & 9

As Christians we spend a lot of time in church getting “blessed.” But what does it look like for us to go outside of our churches, into our communities, and be a blessing there? Our goal with Bless Midwest is to gather, equip, and send out followers of Jesus to bless our land.

Join us for an entire month focused on local Missions as we intentionally Bless the Midwest this June.

Starting in Minnesota and going out throughout the Midwest we are relationally partnering with individuals and ministries who are actively pouring into their local areas. These individuals will host our Blessed Midwest teams for outreach, worship nights, prayer gatherings, and all different forms of creative kingdom blessing. Bless Midwest team members will go through a one day activation based training using the book “How to be an Unstoppable Force for the Kingdom of God”. After this they will be able to choose which Bless Midwest outreaches they would like to be a part of. 

Be a part of a one-week intensive followed by an optional six-week internship.

Learn from seasoned ministry leaders, get activated and equipped in kingdom outreach, serve in the neighborhoods most impacted by the Minneapolis, MN 2020 unrest, and hit the streets with us as we serve together in hands-on ministry.

How to get involved

1. Plan to Get Trained:

Plan to attend one of our Unstoppable Force Trainings. This training will give you all of the tools you will need to do affective and powerful kingdom outreach. This training is mandatory for all team members and outreach facilitators. 

May 22, Mankato, MN (See  Facebook Event herePurchase tic kets online here) June 5, Minneapolis, MN (available in person or online)

3. Pick Your Outreaches

Look at the list of area outreaches (they will be posted later), sign up, and show up. Options range from a few hours to a 1 week intensive in Minneapolis called “Restore”, meeting June 5-12.

2. Join the Team

Fill out the the Bless Midwest team member application. If you’d like to host an outreach please also fill out the outreach facilitator application. Please do this BEFORE attending the training.

In addition to our stand alone outreaches you can come for an entire week to Minneapolis for a training and outreach intensive. We are partnering with Source MN – sign up separately at 

4. Unstoppable Force Registration

We greatly encourage you to come in person however we recognize that some people live farther away or have other circumstances so we want to make this available online as well. If you plan to attend online you can join us as an individual on Zoom and then you will be paired with other individuals on Zoom during our activation times. You can also register as part of a satellite training site if you plan to gather several people in one place to watch the training and then do the activations with one another. 

Blessed Midwest is hosted by Kristen D’Arpa and in partnership with other kingdom ministries.